This one, was on my bucket list for years! And I am glad I finally made it.
Iceland is unique. I haven’t ever seen comparable landscapes and discovered my passion for glaciers. Since I only had 8 days for this trip, I kept the organization simple. Nevertheless, I have experienced and seen amazingly much.

Short Details

Period of Travel: October/November, 8 Days
Airports: Frankfurt <-> Reykjavik
Accomondation: Airbnb & Hotel
Transport: Rental Car
Activities: Seljalandsfoss, Gljúfrabúi, Skógafoss, Black Beach, Diamond Beach, Skaftafell Glacier, Reykjavík, Katla Ice Caves

Itinerary of my Iceland Trip

I touched down in Reykjavik (Keflavik) in the afternoon and picked up my rental car directly at the airport. Then I started a three hour drive to my cabin in the south of Iceland where I stayed for five nights.
It was close to a town called Vík, and I could get food and fuel without complications. It was also a good place, to reach many activities with short (or longer) drives.
After that I drove back to the airport, dropped the car and took a bus to downtown Reykjavik where I stayed in a hotel for two nights. I took the same bus to get back to the airport to end this amazing trip.


Iceland is famous for its landscapes and scenery and it is not disappointing. If someone is asking me about this trip, I am still getting super excited. For a lot of activities you need a guide or book a tour. I did that a few times and I was very happy that I did, because they teach you so much about the areas you are visiting and they make sure that you have a safe experience. Here are some facts I want to mention:
– Independent of the weather, Iceland is incredibly beautiful
– People in Iceland are very friendly and helpful
– driving around is fun (landscapes!!!)
– Northern Lights from October – March possible
– English is no problem at all
– There are a lot of free Apps that help you to travel safely

What I learned/loved/hated

– Food and drinks have different price range (in comparison to Germany).
One of my dinners for example: One veggie burger and one beer: 35 Euros
Staying in an Airbnb gave me the opportunity to cook on my own.
– Alcohol is not available in supermarkets. They have special liquor stores.
– Reykjavik is a cool place, but not too special. For my opinion one day is definitely enough to discover the capital of Iceland. It is great if you want to shop souvenirs.
– If you like to enjoy a drink (beer/wine) sometime, make sure to buy it at the airport. There is a duty free shop at the airport in Keflavik (Reykjavik) which you should use to shop alcohol. This option exists only for entrants to Iceland. Take your chance 😉
– Due to the quick changing weather, don’t plan to much activities in advance.

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