Have You Ever…?

A question I am asking myself regular. And instead of asking myself, I decided to do it.
When I founded this blog, my mindset was far away from the person I am right now. Which is fine, because we all grow from experiences and its good to understand, that your way of thinking might change, when you grow up. So if you remember this website as a party and nightlife blog for Cologne (Germany), its not the same anymore. What made me Change that?
In 2020, when the pandemic was about to start, I lost my father. And this experience triggered more in me than I could have imagined. The realization that no one knows how long we may experience this world has motivated me to act. I no longer want to be the one who would like to do certain things, but the one who implements these things. And my bucket list, included travel the most.

And I decided to take you with me on this journey. Lets see where it goes.

A few things about me:
My name is Nicci and at this day in 2023 im 36 years old and I live in Cologne (Germany). I have a regular job and a side business. (That’s how I try to finance all the travel costs)
I am the perfect mix of „urban living and loving nature“. Which means, I love to live in the noisy smelly city but I need and love to enjoy nature and travel to lonesome places. I also think, that animals are pretty cool! So I always put some species on my travel bucket lists, to see them in their natural habitat. No Zoos!

Is there anything you want to know about me? Ask me!
Best way to reach out to me is my Instagram: nicci_haveyouever

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